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Ecofesti’bal 2012

The opening of cross-cultural solidarity, respect for the environment, preservation of built heritage and eco-construction, but also music and traditional dancing as vehicles of social ties, are all aspects around which Association Citrus develops its projects.

Our ambition is to create a unity between all these themes through a friendly event on 21.22 and 23 September 2012 which will attract audiences from different walks of life. It will be a showcase for our activities throughout the year with our partner associations.

Why Ecofesti’Bal ?
The organisation of the festival aims to educate citizens on what they can accomplish on a daily basis for sustainable development. Thus there will be: the stalls for the association, a bar, organic solidarity with local producers, compost toilets, and exhibitions on environmental topics.

All in a festive atmosphere, with children’s workshops, workshops for adults, fairy tales, a wandering dance theater, an open stage and recycling decoration/stripping activities! And plenty of other surprises ...

A craft market
We want to highlight the existence of other means of production on a human scale in the region. The craft puts quality sustainable with quantity. A "craft market" will be set up on Saturday with three types of activities :

  • stalls
  • demonstration booths where the craftsman plies his trade in public
  • participatory workshops, with live speakers, trying activities with the public

On the program:

Pottery, leather, Patchwork Sewing, Crochet, Sewing recovery, cardboard furniture ...

A gourmet market
From noon on Saturday, a "gourmet market" of organic and local producers will allow festival goers to eat on site. It is user friendly, while allowing the discovery of the taste and value of products, their origin and mode of culture, but also the possibility of online shopping with Seed Soil.
On the menu:

  • Beekeeper: Timothy Duclos
  • Organic Candy: The Butinerie
  • Cheese: Martine Musket
  • Vegetables: Gardens of the Aveyron
  • The "Spirulina Olt": Adrien Galaret
  • Sorbet: Simona Lasserre
  • Meat: grilled lamb Pissili Pascale

A picnic area is set up to share meals in a friendly way, with the crockery and cups to promote "environmentally responsible" consumption on the festival site and reduce the environmental impact of the event, including reducing waste.

Popular dance-concert evenings
The festive side of the event is geared towards music and "neo-traditional" dances here and elsewhere, to promote contact and exchange between different audiences and generations.
The groups performing are very popular among fans of traditional dances, and dance workshops and music are offered throughout the weekend, for those wishing to learn or improve their technique.
Initiation of dances are open before the start of each ball to allow everyone to get comfortable before the fun begins.

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