Association Citrus

Our Actions

At Citrus, we squeeze ourselves like lemons!

The heart of our work is the organization of international workcamps in West Occitanie, participating in the development of trade between cultures and promoting youth mobility.

Citrus is also developing a shared garden next to the office of the office, in Laguépie. The garden is open to all, and helps to build relationships in the village and to educate everyone to respect their environment, food, wildlife, flora ...

At Citrus, our desires give us wings! Since 2009, the association is established in Laguepie where the goal is to rebuild an ancient farm to transform it in an international center of the volunteers. Long-term volunteers, groups and young people stay at "Maison des Compagnons", specifically to share and push even further the collective approach of "living together" interculturally.

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