Association Citrus

A large-scale project

Citrus wants to propose a project that can accommodate people of different backgrounds (international volunteers, youth groups, young residents ...). As part of this project, our association has a welcoming place called "la Maison des Compagnons" (House of the Companions) in the heart of Laguépie, a village located at the crossroads of  Tarn-et-Garonne, the rivers Tarn and Aveyron.

We believe that the presence of a common place of life, for long-term volunteers and people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, enriches all the project participants. It facilitates and encourages the meeting and multiplicity of exchangesbreathes into them the desire to travel and to discover other cultures. It opens them to the world that each participant brings.

All participants are actively involved in tasks of daily life and are called to live in accordance with established rules of life collectively - hourly, daily routines, practices eco-citizen, etc. - all in a desire to encourage intercultural exchange.

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