Association Citrus

A workcamp is...

A group of international volunteers
Fifteen motivated young people from around the world, unite around a common project: to achieve together something realistic and useful to the community. For three weeks, volunteers and residents share their daily lives and share their efforts to promote and safeguard our heritage.

A place of cultural exchange
Each person carries with them their culture, their education, their lifestyle, their look and their prejudices. We are all witnessing a political, religious, social and economic situation. Everyone can bring their knowledge and share it with others. A workcamp is a human adventure that changes the vision that we have of the world, while learning from each other. A workcamp is a great way to understand social life and citizenship.

The execution of a work of public utility
This is usually to restore and enhance
small buildings typical of small rural communities, such as wash houses, stone walls, fountains, shelters ... . Sites oriented around cultural activities or environmental preservation are also available: trails discoveries, support a local festival, creating a thematic exhibition ... are some examples of completed works with Citrus.

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