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A worldwide peace network

"Youth Action for Peace is an international movement which aims at societies of justice, peace and human solidarity. It struggles against any form of violence, exploitation, exclusion, oppression and imbalance of natural surroundings. It supports all those who want to take their destiny into their own hands so as to organise collectively a responsible and liberating society."

The history ...

The first workcamps began just after World War I in the Verdun region. At first volunteers were citizens of the nations that were opponents during the conflict, who wanted to actively work on the reconciliation between people. They were convinced that the absence of war would not suffice to build a sustainable peace. Therefore, these men and women chose to cross their borders to go and meet other people and work together for a common interest.

Youth Action for Peace (YAP) was born in 1923, from the initiative of a young French officer, Etienne Bach. He found out that "people ignore themselves and have a surprising sincerity in their hate. They rise against their enemies for what they think they are, and not for what they really are."

YAP was firstly created in France and then Germany under the name "Christian Action for Peace". Youth Action for Peace was then, from its origins, a movement convinced by the necessity to cross national, confessional and cultural borders to work on Peace.

It is to help with the reconciliation of the fighting nations that YAP organised mutual volunteer exchanges through workcamps and other international solidarity actions. The first work to do was rebuilding ... then, themes expanded to various subjects: social, environment, patrimony, animation ...

For more information, visit Youth Action for Peace ’s website.

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