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Activities for all ages

Garden workshops with PEPS
The layout of the garden of Notre Dame was carried out in partnership with the leisure centre in the PEPS (Pole Childhood Puylaroque Septfonds). These are young people, focused around creative activities, who have set up the cottage garden, fitted wooden tables and built the chassis to achieve the seedlings from the garden in spring.
Now the children of PEPS attend workshops that combine both theory and practice, on the themes of the environment and organic farming.
As part of these activities, the elderly nursing home in Septfonds will be invited to come participate in some sessions.

The Micro-pavement project
Coccinelle, the gardener, moved to the recreation centre for a journalistic mission entrusted to children.
The subject of her inquiry is: what do people think of gardening in Septfonds?
Children should go and ask the people using the technique of ’micro pavement’.
To do this they will discover the techniques of interviewing and then learn to use the recording equipment. The editing will be conducted by Mrs.
Coccinelle and the end result will be broadcast in the village, the garden and on the radio. More children will be invited to the radio CFM at Caylus to present their work.

Creation of an arboretum with schoolchildren
This activity was part of a global project of upgrading of communal green spaces. Children of primary school Septfonds conducted an inventory of eight remarkable trees in the town. This arboretum has allowed children to appropriate green spaces, to understand the development of plants and their seasonal cycles.
The children made information panels that present the tree species identified. These panels mark an urban walking trail within the village so that pedestrians can in turn discover or rediscover the local flora.

The Garden of Notre Dame is exported to the nursery !
Discovery workshops were set up in nurseries in Septfonds, Montpezat de Quercy, and Réalville Caussade. These enrichment activities are based on the sensory abilities of toddlers so they too can discover the plants and animals of the garden.

Wednesday garden, open to all !
One Wednesday a month, everyone is invited to tinker in the garden, or simply watch or talk, and all this in a friendly atmosphere. The "Wednesdays open to all" are free and are led so as to promote exchanges of knowledge between all. They will take place in the garden, or inside (depending on the weather) from 14h to 17h.
A suggestion box will be available to the public in the early sessions to determine themes of upcoming events, which may be as much about nature as other topics (examples: mosaic, cooking ...).
The first session will take place on 1 February 2012 and will consist of making bird boxes for the village and the garden. 

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