Association Citrus

Do a project abroad

An international workcamp of young volunteers is specifically a group of fifteen young girls and boys, from different countries and different backgrounds working together for 3 weeks on a project of general interest.

This is a great possibility for openness and exchange, a concrete approach to intercultural relations and the work. It is an opportunity to consider your future and prepare. Except in special cases, you are not asked volunteer any special skills, and you leave for a short time.

Workcamps have now developed in different areas: heritage, environment, socio-educational, entertainment ...
Some examples of projects abroad:

  • reconstruction of refugee camps (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia)
  • support the establishment of a festival (Russia)
  • creation of a village development (Senegal),
  • building a solar oven with materials recycling (with disabled youth) (Italy),
  • construction of a clinic (India),
  • work on the preservation of local heritage (Greece)
  • construction of hillside dams (Morocco),
  • reconstruction of a medieval site (Germany) ...

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