Association Citrus

Elected representatives

The municipality of Nègrepelisse and the Maison des Arts joined in a Citrus initiative that convinced us. Achieving an original and durable ’calade’ (stone pavement), that everyone can enjoy, this is an unusual and innovative project that adolescents in the community, in collaboration with youth work camps, will perform under the arcades. We look forward to such an association which carries a universal message. Thus, for several decades, we will enjoy this work of art made by the international community. "
Morgan Tellier, vice mayor of Nègrepelisse

"They came on the 14th, on Wednesday. They came from all corners of France, as well as Hungary, Denmark, South Korea, Turkey, Spain and Holland. In the group we found three real artists who were making little decorations that we will install at one of our many partners. Others made repairs, accessories, bicycles, decorations and painted. They were supervised by two facilitators, a small French lady called Lucie Avignon, and Petra, a young Hungarian lady. "
Delbecque Patrick, co-chair of "
Au fil de l’eau"

"The Resistance was stronger and less numerous. We
now have the will for young people carry the memory of the Resistance. This year we chose to lead an international workcamp and to pay tribute to women during the 1939-1945 war. "Edgar Castera, representative of the association ANACR

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