Association Citrus

In practice

A day in a workcamp
Daily life is shared with volunteers from different nationalities to learn how to discover other cultures. Together, the volunteers working on a project go to visit a country and a culture, to meet locals and share moments of leisure activities : hiking, visiting historic sites, a canoeing outing ... as many activities as sensitivities to combine business with pleasure.

Generally, the day is divided between a morning dedicated to work, and in the afternoon, walk, rest or recreation.

Technical supervision and teaching
A group leader is involved in facilitating communication between participants and meetings with residents, and assisting the group in the management and organisation of daily life: planning, meals, money management, division of labour and teams ...

A skilled person (for instance a member of the host community or the partner organisation) is responsible for supervising the technical work by the participants (equipment, sourcing, security ...).

A human adventure and available to everyone !
No special skills are required to participate as a volunteer on a workcamp: the motivation and the desire to discover are the only ingredients useful to make this event a memorable experience. Most volunteers are young girls and young men who come from France, Europe, Asia and America, but there is no age limit to participate and all profiles are welcomed.

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