Association Citrus

In the news

"Coming from all countries, they are renovating the wash house" Bioule, La Dépèche du Samedi 20/07/2010

The National Rally of Solidarités Jeunesses Delegations to Septfonds : a moment of exchange on the theme of environmental practices and eco-citizenship. LDM 13/11/08

"A wall to seal friendships" : 17 young volunteers are introduced to the dry stone. LDM 03/08/08

Reconstruction of a Spanish refugee barracks at Camp Judes : an unusual site, mixing local history, duty of remembrance and heritage conservation. LDM 25/07/08

"With the help of Citrus, youth in Septfonds are upgrading a community garden and learning to foster the links between all generations and all walks of life. "LDD 27/04/08

"In two weeks, a dozen young international volunteers mounted an exhibition on the role of women during World War II : a tribute to all those who fought against fascism."

A group of volunteers present at the opening of a municipal election in Fleurance : an opportunity to educate young people to the operation of French democracy.

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