Association Citrus

International workcamp in Belgium

"We’re at Braine Alleud, August 2003. International workcamp in the youth centre "The prism".

On the menu, Marta (Hungarian), Vicky (Romanian), Akiko & Satoka (Japanese), Tania & Maria (Russian), Aurelia (Swiss) and Said (French). Not to mention Megan (English) and I (also French) to lead this team of Merry Men!
There was plenty to do: painting, gardening, cracking walls, roof cleaning, "removing" the floor, installation of a radio studio ... The day requires a lot of physical activity and when the evening comes at last, the team prepares good meals and international dishes ... we eat Japanese & Russian, and we delight at the delicacies through the lands ... hummm. And then the youth comes to life, with the musicians who come again, young people who invade this place incredibly friendly, warm atmosphere "...

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