Association Citrus

The project

The garden is located in Laguépie, next to the office, on the hill. It’s at a few steps from the future international hosting place for volunteers. There is a chestnut groove, a garden with herbs, vegetables and flowers, a greenhouse, a chicken coop and a pond with relaxing places.

A collaborative garden ... and facilities !
The proposed "educational and social community garden" is designed as an open space. The goal ? That everyone can take ownership of the garden, participate in its preparation, digging, planting, seeding, watering and observing and harvesting the fruits of their labour. Facilities can accommodate all audiences, from young to old, this is to facilitate meetings, both with nature and between generations.

Many activities around the garden
The garden helps to educate audiences around the natural heritage through entertainment (games, workshops, discovery...) and to promote an environmental friendly attitude : compost, dry toilets, rainwater recovery...

Right now, the activities in the garden are mainly aimed at international teenagers, children and a few adults welcomed here during the summer’s international workcamp. During the year, it’s long-term volunteers of the association that take care of it with local people.

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