Association Citrus


Bosu, Korean volunteer:
"It’s much easier to reach out to others, it has nothing to do with a simple trip. We live here, we work, learn to know ourselves. This is a nice way to travel while making service. "

Christophe, French volunteer:
"My course of study ended, so I thought I would invest in a workcamp giving me the opportunity to meet
cool people while also being useful to me. Also, going to the countryside has changed my view of urban Lyon."

Meredith, American volunteer:
"Many reasons have motivated me to register on this workcamp. After a semester of study in Madagascar, I pushed back the date of my ticket to stop along the way and discover France. I’m delighted with my decision, the scenery is beautiful here and people naturally friendly."

Maeva, French SCV volunteer:
Click the link on the left to see her video

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