Association Citrus

What is it ?

Regular, international meetings, seminars, youth exchanges and training are organised with partner associations of Solidarités Jeunesses.

A team of young people of all nationalities gather a few days to discuss, debate, acting, and sharing around a theme. It is an opportunity to:

  •  meet young people from different backgrounds in a foreign city
  •  debate and exchange around a theme, such as issues of cultural issues and their origins
  •  exchange of expertise, such as for example traditional or intercultural games as part of a meeting of leaders
  •  engage in an active approach, such as promoting respect and understanding of other’s beliefs

How to participate ?

These projects are based on the exchange of knowledge and practices and are directed at young people with some project experience, who want to invest and are interested in intercultural awareness. Participants are housed and fed, and some transportation costs can be supported.

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