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Workcamps to come

The 2012 season hits the ground running with two sites simultaneously from June 27 in Montberon, in Haute-Garonne, and Salvagnac, in the Tarn.

The first will be involved with local participation in the celebration of the school and village festival. The project will construct a wooden facade on the Local Initiatives Youth Club.

The second will be organised around the work of rebuilding a brick and tile wall, using local traditional techniques.

Other projects continue through the season : In early July, in the Lot at the Cor workcamp, two projects are planned: the restoration of a stone cottage and site development called "the Cournillou" with a dry stone wall, restoring the washhouse and the construction of stone benches.

Also in July, there will be three sites in Tarn-et-Garonne :

  • Auvillar with the restoration of the Port of Cale
  • Montricoux around the creation of a calade (stone pavement) in the city centre with the children of the Maison des Arts Nègrepelisse.
  • A teenage workcamp at our Laguépie site, which will focus on the development of the bread oven built last year by the adult workcamp.

The summer then continues quietly with a site in the Tarn, in Giroussens, in mid-July, when the work will focus on rebuilding the wall of the washhouse. Then there is a workcamp at famous site of Massat in the Pyrenees, where the restoration of the shepherds’ villages is on the agenda.

In August, the Tarn-et-Garonne is once again hosting two projects: Réalville - with the village hall to be repainted, and the second teenage workcamp in Laguépie focused around the pond in the garden of our Mayounelle site.

Finally the season will end with shipyards site of the Jardin Notre-Dame from September 6 to 26 in Septfonds, to be held in conjunction with the Ecofesti’Bal II, 21 to 23 September, that will allow volunteers to participate actively in organising this event.

Interested in becoming a host site ? Contact us quickly !

By mail : workcamp(at)
by phone : +33 (0)5 63 65 94 06

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